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  • Tex Fin’s OEM tubes are manufactured to meet the exact product specifications for your production runs.
  • Our high quality ensures a long product life and low maintenance for the equipment.
  • Our flexible scheduling reduces equipment and production downtime, whether the component is for an emergency repair, scheduled downtime, or production run.
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  • The fins are embedded into grooves in the tube, locking them in place.
  • This secure bond provides excellent vibration resistance and high performance in equipment with continuous thermal cycling and high metal temperatures.
  • The fins are extruded from an aluminum tube bonded to the inner metal tube, providing complete coverage of the inner tube and a superior bond between the tube and the fins.
  • Extruded finned tubes are used in applications with high atmospheric corrosion and relatively high metal temperatures.
  • They are also easy to clean due to the aluminum covering the inner tube.
  • The fins are wound to the tube using tension, providing contact between the fins and the tube.
  • Edge tension wound tubes are a low-cost solution for applications with low metal temperatures and low vibration.
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Non-Serrated finned pipes are used mainly for heat recovery equipment associated with boilers, gas turbines in power generation equipment and furnaces in petrochemical, refining and processing operations.

Helical serrated fin pipes are used in heat recovery equipment such as economizers and chillers to process heated liquids for specialty applications.

Common applications include recovery operations associated with boilers, gas turbines used in power generation and furnaces used in petrochemical processing and refining.

Longitudinal finned pipes are used for heat transfer applications in the power generation, power recovery, petrochemical, oil & gas and industrial processing industries.

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We specialize in manufacturing high quality, custom runs for replacement finned tubes, with short lead times and expedited delivery to minimize equipment downtime.   

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