Air-Cooled Finned Tubes

Tex-Fin has been a leading manufacturer of aircooled finned tubes for over 40 years.  We specialize in manufacturing custom air-cooled fin tubes for the OEM market and replacement finned tubes.

Our production facilities have the capacity to produce full production runs and still support any emergency replacement needs that may arise.

Tex-Fin’s staff will work with you to deliver your order on your schedule, whether you need components for production, replacement parts for scheduled maintenance or emergency replacement fin tubes. 

Our line of aircooled finned tubes provides solutions for a wide range of applications, ranging from high temperature, harsh environments to low temperature, low-stress environments.

L-Foot Finned Tubes

L-Foot Tension Wound Finned Tubes

  • The fins are mechanically locked to the tube during fabrication, providing a broader contact surface between tube and fin and increasing the vibration resistance.
  • L-foot tension wound tubes are used in applications requiring vibration resistance and metal temperatures below 350°F.
  • L-Foot, but where the base of the preceding fin is overlapped by the foot of the following fin. This creates complete coverage of the base tube.
  • This process provides better corrosion resistance for the base tube.
  • Identical to L-Foot Finned Tubes in manufacture except that during the finning process the vertical face of the fin is perforated.
  • This perforation allows for increased air flow and greater surface area.
  • Another variation on L-Foot but provides a more substantial contact between the tube and fin.
  • While the finning process is almost identical, the tube to fin bond is enhanced by knurling the base tube surface then pressing the foot of the fin into the knurling.
Embedded Finned Tubes

Embedded Finned Tubes

  • The fins are embedded into grooves in the tube, locking them in place.
  • This secure bond provides excellent vibration resistance and high performance in equipment with continuous thermal cycling and high metal temperatures.
Extruded Finned Tubes with Copon Coating on exposed portion of tube.

Extruded Finned Tubes

  • The fins are extruded from an aluminum tube bonded to the inner metal tube, providing complete coverage of the inner tube and a superior bond between the tube and the fins.
  • Extruded finned tubes are used in applications with high atmospheric corrosion and relatively high metal temperatures.
  • They are also easy to clean due to the aluminum covering the inner tube.
L-Foot Tension Wound Finned Tubes | Tex-Fin - Leading Supplier

Edge Tension Wound Finned Tubes

  • The fins are wound to the tube using tension, providing contact between the fins and the tube.
  • Edge tension wound tubes are a low-cost solution for applications with low metal temperatures and low vibration.

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