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Tex-Fin has been a leading supplier of custom longitudinal finned tubes for heat transfer applications for over 4 decadesOur facilities are equipped to handle quantities ranging from small runs up to full production runs.  We specialize in manufacturing high quality, custom runs for replacement finned tubes, with short lead times and expedited delivery to minimize equipment downtime.   

Tex-Fin’s Longitudinal Solder Finned Tubes are made of brass or copper alloy combinations. The fin material is formed into U-shaped channels and arranged on the surface of the tube in a symmetrical pattern and attached by solder. Longitudinal Solder Finned Tubes are generally used in application where the environment is corrosive to carbon or stainless steels, with temperatures up to 350° Fahrenheit. 

Tex-Fin manufactures a full line of finned tubes and pipes, supported by unparalleled customer service.   Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with emergencies.  Whether you need immediate replacements as the result of a breakdown or during your plant maintenance downtime, or need a full production run for new equipment, we will work with you to speed delivery of your parts to you.   Contact us for a fast, no-obligation quote. 

Tex-Fin’s Solder Longitudinal Finned Tubes are manufactured to your exact specifications to meet the demands of your applications. Our custom longitudinal finned tubes have the following options: 

  • Tube materials are typically Cupronickel, Admiralty Brass or Copper. Other alloys are available if needed. 
  • Fin material is Yellow Brass 
  • Tube lengths up to 100’. 
  • Tube sizes from 3/4″ O.D. to 2″ O.D. 
  • Fin heights from 7/32″ (0.21) to 5/8″ (0.625) 
  • Fin thickness from 20 ga. (.035) to 18 ga. (.049) 
  • Fin pitch from 16 to 40 fins per tube 
  • Tubes can be bent into the shapes required for your application. 

We work hard to provide the highest quality products and 
services for our clients. 

Why Choose Us?

Tex-Fin is committed to providing superior service to our customers.  Our staff will work with you throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet your specifications and delivery deadlines. Our project managers are always available to assist you and will react quickly to help with any emergencies.  

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