Accesories & Parts

At TEX FIN, we know that precision and excellence in every detail are what set your industrial systems apart.

Our commitment to providing the best extends to a comprehensive range of Accessories and Parts, each designed to elevate the efficiency, durability, and performance of your equipment.

Explore these essential components and discover how they contribute to the seamless operation of your systems.

  • Integral Belled End Tubes – Our Aluminum Finned Tubes are designed to maximize the surface area available for heat transfer. The Integral Belled End Tubes provide a secure connection, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of your industrial systems.
  • Expanders, Roll Sets, Mandrels, Reamers, and Expansion Shafts

    Our range of installation and maintenance tools is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your systems. From Expanders for secure and efficient fits to Roll Sets for consistent, high-quality results, these tools ensure the longevity and performance of your equipment.

Accesories & Parts | Tex-Fin
  • Ferrules play a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of your equipment, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of your systems.

Accesories & Parts | Tex-Fin

Header Plugs

Our Plugs & Gaskets are essential for sealing and securing various components of your industrial systems. Header Tubes, Tube Plugs, and Gaskets are designed to meet the exact specifications of your systems, ensuring a secure fit and efficient operation.

  • Turbulators are designed to create turbulence in your system, promoting heat transfer efficiency. They are a key element in maximizing performance.

Tube Supports | Tex-Fin

Tube Supports

Our Tube Supports are engineered to provide unwavering support for your tubes, ensuring they remain securely in place. Choose Scallop Channels for secure and stable support, Aluminum Bands for durability, Zinc Bands for corrosion resistance, or Wiggle Strips for enhanced flexibility. These components form the cornerstone of stability in your systems.

Wired Wrapped Cord | Tex-Fin
  • Spiral strips that can be easily installed to promote turbulence within the tube and enhance heat transfer of certain viscous fluids.

We work hard to provide the highest quality products and services for our clients. 

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