Copper Finned Tubes

  • Tex Fin’s OEM tubes are manufactured to meet the exact product specifications for your production runs.
  • Tex Fin’s high quality ensures a long product life and low maintenance for the equipment.
  • Tex Fin’s flexible scheduling reduces equipment and production downtime, whether the component is for an emergency repair, scheduled downtime, or production run.

Solder Dipped Bonded Finned Tubes

  • Solder dipped bonded finned tubes are edge tension wound to assure proper fin to tube contact before the solder is applied.
  • The soldering process creates a fin attachment that is ideal for forming or bending.

Root Solder Bonded Finned Tubes

  • Tex-Fin root solder bonded finned tubes are edge tension wound in the same manner as the solder dipped fintube.
  • The soldering process utilizes enough solder to bond the base of the fin to the tube. This leaves most of the fin surface clean of any solder coating, which may impede heat transfer capabilities.


  • Brazed Finned Tubes offer an alternative to welded fins for applications requiring smaller O.D. or thinner wall tubes with a strong fin to tube bond.
  • The fin material is edge wound on to the tube and then furnace brazed.

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