Fabricated Products

Tex-Fin is ASME certified, carrying both U and S stamps as well as the National Board R stamp. Our team of qualified and experienced personnel have decades of fabrication and welding experience. We also maintain a library of ASME certified weld procedures for a wide range of materials and weld types. 

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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are vital components used in a wide range of industries to efficiently transfer thermal energy from one medium to another. Whether it’s cooling or heating applications, heat exchangers play a crucial role in optimizing energy usage, enhancing process efficiency, and ensuring the smooth operation of various systems.

At Tex-Fin we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of heat exchanger technology and our ability to provide customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients.

While we specialize in replacement bundles for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, we are fully capable of designing and building heat exchanges of many types, including but not limited to:

We work hard to provide the highest quality products and 
services for our clients. 

Why Choose Us?

Tex-Fin is committed to providing superior service to our customers.  Our staff will work with you throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet your specifications and delivery deadlines. Our project managers are always available to assist you and will react quickly to help with any emergencies.  

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